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pottery painting
mosaic making
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canvas painting
stuff a critter
glass fusing

Choose from a wide variety of bisque, ranging from everyday dinnerware, platters, children's and seasonal items.  Design and paint your creation.  Leave your project, we'll glaze and fire it for you.  Pick up in one week.

We have a wide variety of mirrors, boxes, frames, wall hangings, planters etc.  Choose your project and design it with a wide selection of broken tiles, sea glass, buttons, beads, marbles, shells and many more.  Take home that day and grout another day with provided grout.

Choose from different sizes and colors of canvas. We have some pre-sketched if you need some inspiration.   Pick your colors and create an amazing one of a kind work of art to hang.  Take home that day.

Chose from a collection of adorable critters including bears, frogs, pigs, unicorns, puppies and many more.  Stuff as cuddly as you wish.  Pick out an outfit or T-shirt and take home your new friend today.

Glass fusing is the art of joining pieces of glass by melting them into a solid sheet which is then slumped into a shape.  You can create small dishes, bowls, plates and coasters.  Leave it for us to fuse and slump.  Pick up is in two weeks.  At this time glass fusing is for adults only.